In this building, I built what could be called an Electro-Mythic Tableau that suggests a parallel culture. That culture results from the same cultural, technological and human markers as our own. The historical influences range from African to Surrealism, Art Deco, Egyptian, and Constructivist art. Also influential are thirties science fiction, dinosaurs, insects and medieval armor. The many influences from literature are the poets of darkness such as Poe and Kafka.

This list of sources is in a scramble that you have to decipher, and the results are not soothing. Suggestions of weaponry, architecture and abstracted skeletal remains of creatures that have quasi-human, animal, fish and insect origins are all morphed together for an idiosyncratic version of beauty. It would not be inconsistent to view this space as a Gothic Futurist tomb of artifacts – perhaps the result of planet Earth after the cancerous effects of human beings. This dystopian view of humans has been accelerated by years of following the science of our effects on the planet. The art has increasingly moved away from being human-centric toward hanging pieces that are hybrids of nature and vessels. These recent vessels, built to nature’s symmetry, cargo the above references and “float” them overhead like an armada ready for an exodus.